By some standards, Alison would say ours is a story heard time and time again. Jared might even agree. Guy and girl meet. Guy likes girl. Girl has some excuse for turning guy down. Time goes by. Girl realizes the guy her heart longs for is already in her life, the very one she previously turned away. Girl tells guy she might have messed up. Guy graciously chooses to give her a chance, thinking he might still be interested, after all. Girl rejoices. Guy and girl find love comes easily, and a joyful relationship ensues. 

In short, this is the story of us. Told with such simplicity though, it lacks the details that give our relationship life and a sweetness that can only come from God's sovereign hand at work.

The long version of this story begins in the fall of 2016. Alison's coworker Jim Shellenberger let news slip that both his girlfriend and one of his best friends were moving to Sheridan to attend school. Naturally, this meant Alison was about to have two new friends. She had already made Jim her friend, whether or not he wanted said friendship, so she felt confident she could do the same again. Over the next several months, Alison had the opportunity to meet and spend time with Katie and Jared, the aforementioned girlfriend and friend, but alas, never did she imagine the story God was beginning to write.